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RESERVOIR takes its inspiration from the functionalities and the aesthetic appeal of RPM counters and speedometers taken from the world of cars from the time goes by to the present day.


GT Tour collection

Legendary car races are the essence of GT-Tour timepieces. Here, the senses are permanently on high alert and are intoxicated by the cars themselves as well as by the competitive spirit and the high-speed thrills. The GT-Tour is a timepiece that embodies high performance and determination.

Play Video about Black GT racing car with speedometer and bright red driver's seat in light grey background.

GT Tour watches


Supercharged collection

A legendary convertible appears on the horizon of the glorious English countryside: the minute’s tick by, and then a sublime vision of impeccably designed leather and aluminium appears before your very eyes. The SUPERCHARGED invites you to get behind the steering wheel of these magnificent cars, and re-discover the joy of driving as it used to be.

Play Video about Vintage car with luxury dark black, light beige, and light grey RPM counter and watch.

Supercharged watches


Longbridge collection

At the beginning of the XXth century, famous car manufacturers settled in Longbridge in England. Some of them had the genius to design cars capable of crossing time and eras.

British Mini car with light mauve, dark black, and dark rust colors at Longbridge.

longbridge watches


Kanister collection

Taking inspiration from the RPM counter of the iconic 356 Speedster, the Kanister collection combines a breathtaking design to the spirit of freedom which embedded the 1950s decade. 

Play Video about Dark Brown 356 Porsche Car with Light Grey and Light Teal Watch - Luxury

Kanister watches


390 FASTBACK collection

The new 390 Fastback collection from RESERVOIR watch is inspired by the speedometer of the iconic 1967 “Pony” car. A symbol of freedom as the first car of a very young generation of Americans, this automobile provided a lot of pleasure to drive. The code 390 referred to the V8 engine with a displacement of 6.4 liters, generating a power of 320 horsepower, already impressive for the time.

Car - Speedometer

390 FASTBACK watches


MONZA DESIGN collection

As the morning sun casts its golden hues over the circuit, the heart of the enthusiast beats in unison with the ticking of their RESERVOIR watch by MONZA design. It’s not just a watch; it’s a testament to the moment when audacity takes the helm.

Car - Driving



Battlefield collection

Omaha Beach. June 6th, 1944. Powerfully evocative, the Battlefield D-Day parachutes into the heart of the most spectular of D-Day Landings, code name “Operation Overlord.” It celebrates the WWII all-terrain vehicle, a symbol of tenacity, durability and ingenuity.

WW2 Battlefield with GI in a car, watch in hand, in shades of Dark olive green, light mauve, and light grey-blue.

battlefield watches

Fail or Prevail BUT


passion for adventure

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Swiss made

A driver’s watch, designed specifically for motorsport enthusiasts and professional drivers, combines functionality with a sporty aesthetic. These watches typically feature a chronograph, essential for timing laps and measuring speed, often accompanied by a tachymeter scale on the bezel for calculating velocity over a known distance. Robust and durable, they are built to withstand the vibrations and physical demands of driving. The design often reflects automotive themes, with dials resembling instrument panels and straps mimicking tire tread patterns. Like pilot’s watches, they also serve as a style statement, symbolizing a passion for racing and automotive excellence.

Drivers, particularly those interested in motorsports, often favor watches that blend functionality with a racing-inspired design. These watches usually feature a chronograph for precise timing and a tachymeter to calculate speed, reflecting the needs of a racing environment. The design often pays homage to the automotive world, with elements like dials mimicking car dashboards and straps resembling tire treads. Renowned brands in this category include TAG Heuer, known for its Carrera and Monaco series, and Rolex with its iconic Daytona. These watches are not just timekeeping tools but also symbols of a driver’s affinity for speed and precision engineering.

The purpose of a driver’s watch is to provide functionality and style that aligns with the needs and aesthetics of motorsports. These watches typically feature a chronograph for precise timing, crucial during races, and a tachymeter scale to calculate speed over a set distance. Their design often mirrors elements of the automotive world, with dials and straps that evoke the look of car dashboards and tires. Additionally, they are built to withstand the rigors of driving, with robust construction and clear readability. Beyond their practical use, driver’s watches also serve as a symbol of the wearer’s passion for racing and automotive culture.

Race car drivers often wear watches that are robust, feature-rich, and reflect the high-speed world of motorsports. These watches typically include a chronograph function, essential for timing laps, and a tachymeter scale to calculate speed. Brands like Rolex with its Daytona, TAG Heuer with the Carrera and Monaco series, and Omega with its Speedmaster are popular choices. These timepieces are not only practical for the precise requirements of racing but also symbolize a connection to the sport’s heritage and prestige. Their designs often incorporate elements inspired by automotive engineering, making them a favorite among drivers who value precision, durability, and style.


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