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The technical notice of your RESERVOIR watch indicates how to set the time or how to change the bracelet of your watch, and gives, for reference, maintenance and utilization guidance. The technical notice contains complementary information on the warranty. It is highly recommended to read this technical notice before wearing your watch.

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Enjoy my watch

Use the minute’s hand to set the time. Make the hour jump as many times as necessary by turning the crown upwards to activate the retrograde minute. Setting the minute’s hand can be done clockwise or counter clockwise, but you must respect the following guidelines: – When the minute’s hand is located between 40 and 60 minutes, setting the time counterclockwise is possible only up to 25 minutes. Beyond this position, the hour disk will shift and the counterclockwise setting of the minute’s hand will be blocked. In that case, only a clockwise setting of the hand is possible, and the hour disk will go back to its central position. – When the minute hand is at zero, an anticlockwise adjustment will cause the hand to disconnect from the mechanism to protect the mechanism of the watch: the minute hand will jump to 10 and come back to zero. The hand is disconnected, and the counterclockwise adjustment will not harm the mechanism. To reconnect the minute hand to the movement, turn the crown downwards: the hand will jump to 10 then come back to 0. The hand is reconnected, and you can now set the time clockwise and counterclockwise.

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When the watch is stopped and the hand of the power reserve of the watch shows the power reserve has run down, manually winding the mechanism by winding the crown upwards allows to put tension into the mainspring and restart the mechanism. When it is worn, the watch winds itself constantly thanks to the rotor. You can see the level of the power reserve thanks to the hand on the power reserve indicator. The horizontal line in the last zone of the power reserve indicator shows the power reserve is exhausted. In that case, you must wind your watch manually. When doing so, the hand of the power reserve indicator will progressively go back up to the maximum graduation. NB: on the Tiefenmesser model, the power reserve is displayed on the round openings at the bottom of the dial. Each opening corresponds to a graduation. When only the last opening remains red, it is necessary to manually wind the watch.

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For the timepiece with a power reserve only

The power reserve indicator is graduated, with a continuous display. When it is worn, the watch winds itself constantly thanks to a self-winding, or automatic movement. You can see the level of the power reserve thanks to the hand on the power reserve indicator. The horizontal line in the last zone of the power reserve indicator shows the power reserve is exhausted. In that case, you must wind your watch manually. In this zone, the watch may lose its precision.

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For the timepiece with the date only

This position allows setting the date by winding the crown upwards only. If you rotate it the other way, the crown won’t change the date. To preserve the watch’s mechanism, the automatic change of the date does not operate simultaneously when the retrograde minute jumps from 11:59pm to 0:00am. The date change happens between 12:00 am and 01:00 am.

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Changing the strap can be done very easily thanks to the quick release spring bars with which RESERVOIR watches are equipped. To change your watch’s bracelet, please follow the following steps:

– Position the watch with the interior of the bracelet facing you.

– With your nail, push the pin of the quick release spring bars towards the center of the bracelet, and then carefully remove the bracelet.

– Set the spring bars included with the fabric strap and insert the strap between the spring bars. Make sure it is well attached by delicately pulling on the strap.

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Taking care of my watch

Reservoir watches are water resistant from 50 meters (5ATM) down to 250 meters (~25ATM). Make sure the crown is well screwed down before using it underwater. Do not handle the crown underwater. The water resistance of RESERVOIR watches is guaranteed by security joints that can be damaged by natural wear, temperature shocks or cosmetics. If condensation appears under the sapphire crystal, the water resistance system of your watch is damaged. Refer to the after-sales section.

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You can clean the case of your watch as much as you want with a microfiber cloth. After swimming in seawater, it is recommended to rinse the case of your watch with clear water.

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The movement of your watch is a high quality mechanism that requires to be preserved from extreme temperatures (+60 °, 0 ° C), from thermic chocks (ex: hot springs, hot showers, saunas, hammams…) and brutal shocks (extreme sports, tennis, golf…). All damages resulting form an inappropriate use of the watch will not be covered by the warranty.

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Magnetic fields are produced by many different sources, such as mobile phones, computers, refrigerators and other electronic instruments. These magnetic fields can suddenly alter the precision of your watch. In that case, you should refer to an official RESERVOIR retailer, where a specialist will examine your watch and demagnetize it if necessary.

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Bronze is a mixture of metals that includes copper. Bronze naturally oxidizes. Thus, your bronze watch will naturally gain a patina over time, giving it a unique and original aspect. However, we recommend avoiding any contact between your bronze watch and abrasive products.

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On some of our models, the 316L steel of the case and/or of the butterfly folding clasps is coated with PVD (physical vapor deposition). This is a surface treatment method used in the horology industry to achieve tinted metallic coatings with a high resistance. PVD being a coating material, it is possible that the stainless steel under the PVD arises in case of shocks, deep scratches or regular friction. The warranty does not cover such cases, inherent to all coating materials.

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The leather straps require a close care in order to preserve their beauty and suppleness. Delicately rub the leather straps with a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth before putting your watch away in its case. We also advise you to protect the straps from an immersion in water, and from sweat, humidity, acid solutions or other harmful products.

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Repair my watch

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You can directly bring your Reservoir watch to an official retailer or contact directly the customer service. For any deposit of a watch still under warranty, the warranty card and a proof of purchase, such as the receipt, will be requested.



Once your watch is deposited, a specialized watchmaker will examine the exterior of your watch and see if it works properly or not, to determine precisely what type of intervention is required.

Cost assessment

An initial assessment of the cost of repair will be communicated to the watch owner. If you do not accept it, your watch will be returned. If you accept it, the service or the repair can start. If more costs arise during the intervention due to problems that were not detected during the diagnostic, these additional costs will be communicated to the watch owner before the service center pursues its intervention on your watch.


Repairing the watch

Once the client has approved the cost estimate, the intervention can start.



When the watch is repaired and all the controls have been done, the service center’s staff will immediately notify the watch owner that his watch is ready. In the case of a delay, you will be informed of the additional time for the maintenance.




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