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The driver glances at the R.P.M. meter … the mind is firing
Media of a RESERVOIR watch in a luxurious Jet Black and Light Greyish Pink with Light Grey details.

1960-1990: it was during these years that so many legendary car races took place, forging the very essence of the collection of GT Tour timepieces. As the race is about to start, the driver glances at the R.P.M. counter…the mind is firing on all cylinders as the racing cars growl throatily and the powerful odors of oil and fuel saturate the air. All of a sudden, the rubber tires grip the asphalt urgently, and the driver gets a taste of the thrill of high speed, and of being the first to cross the finishing line. It is when the driver is totally focused on his task that he can, at the very core of his being, dream of victory and adventure. His senses are on high alert, as intense as the headlights piercing the darkness of the night… The GT Tour watches incarnate these values of precision, high performance and determination.

Media of a RESERVOIR watch in a luxurious Jet Black and Light Greyish Pink with Light Grey details.


The GT Tour collection

The collection of watches GT Tour adopts the codes of the ‘Classic’ car race. The matte black dial and the orange or red minute hand are inspired by the contrast of colors on a R.P.M. or speedometer racing car, allowing maximum legibility. The models 371-SE, Carbon or Racing are even more radical versions, with a black or carbon case and a sandblast finish on the dial, which recalls the coating of legendary cars racetracks. Worn with a perforated black leather strap or stainless steel strap, a GT Tour watch is a tribute to the golden age of the car race.

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The GT Tour Collection adopts the codes of the car race

Unveiling the Essence of Speed: The GT Tour Collection

In the exhilarating world of motorsports, where every millisecond counts, the RESERVOIR GT Tour collection emerges as a quintessential companion for aficionados of speed and precision. Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled universe of racing watches, this collection embodies the spirit of GT cars, celebrated for their prowess on both the racetrack and the open road. GT, an abbreviation for “Gran Turismo” or “Grand Touring,” signifies vehicles designed for both high speed and long-distance driving, combining performance and luxury in a seamless blend. The GT Tour collection encapsulates this dual essence, offering a luxury mechanical watch experience that resonates with the heartbeats of racing gt cars and slot car racing enthusiasts alike. Crafted with the racing enthusiast in mind, each RESERVOIR watch in the GT Tour collection pays homage to iconic elements of race car design. From the RPM gauge car-inspired single-hand dial to the 240° retrograde minute feature, these watches mirror the functionality and aesthetics of a race car’s dashboard. The jumping hour display is reminiscent of a speedometer, offering a unique way to read time at a glance, much like a car driver catching the speed while navigating tight corners. Furthermore, the power reserve indicator mimics a fuel gauge, adding a layer of engagement and practicality. This blend of features not only captures the essence of racing-inspired watches but also elevates the user experience by incorporating elements such as the speedometer and rpm counter into its design philosophy. The Swissmade label underscores the commitment to quality and precision, ensuring that each watch meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Explore GT Tour: A Journey of Precision and Luxury

Diving deeper into the collection, the RESERVOIR GT Tour watches are a testament to innovation and meticulous engineering, inspired by the dynamic world of GT cars and the thrill of racing. The allure of racing watches is not just in their ability to keep time but in their capacity to tell a story of passion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The GT Tour collection is imbued with the DNA of racing gt car excellence, translating the exhilaration of slot car racing and the precision of a race car gt into a wearable piece of art. The single-hand dial design, offering a 240° retrograde minute and jumping hour functionality, invites the wearer to experience time as a race against itself, with the power reserve indicator serving as a constant reminder of the watch’s endurance and reliability. The incorporation of elements inspired by the RPM counter and speedometer into the design of these car driver watches makes them more than just timepieces; they are a bridge to the world of GT cars, where performance and luxury converge. For the enthusiast who sees their watch as an extension of their passion for speed and mechanics, the GT Tour collection stands as a symbol of their aspirations and achievements. Each piece, with its luxury mechanical watch credentials and Swissmade assurance, speaks to those who appreciate the finer details in life, where the thrill of the race and the elegance of grand touring cars fuse into one. As we invite you to Explore GT Tour, embark on a journey where timekeeping transcends functionality and becomes an homage to the legacy of racing and the unparalleled craftsmanship of luxury watches.

Media of a RESERVOIR watch in luxury editorial style in dark brown, light orange, and light grey colors.
Media of a RESERVOIR watch in luxury editorial style in dark brown, light orange, and light grey colors.
Dark brown, bright red, and light olive green pattern on fabric.
Dark brown, bright red, and light olive green pattern on fabric.

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Mission : Bring boldness back to life and make every minute count, so every hour counts.

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