Marine Collections

RESERVOIR explores the marine and underwater world with timepieces of rare elegance, a nod to a highly equipped, secret and fascinating world.


Tiefenmesser Collection

Down in the unfathomable depths of the ocean hums an underwater behemoth, transporting a world whose space is enclosed in heat and wetness. Everything on the TIEFENMESSER is about metal, pressure and precision: the piping, the riveted plates and the tubes.

Play Video about Luxury Tiefenmesser Submarine Watch in Dark black, Light Pink, and Light Navy Blue.

Tiefenmesser watches


Hydrosphere collection

Faithful to the technical requirements of diving watches, the Hydrosphere diving watch collection offers an original version of these masters of time.

Play Video about Luxury Diver's Watch with Black, Light Pink, and Light Teal Manometer.

Hydrosphere watches

Fail or Prevail BUT


passion for adventure

a radical way
to read time


Swiss made

Dive watches, also known as diver’s or diving watches, are timepieces specifically designed for underwater diving. They are characterized by their water resistance, unidirectional bezel, and high level of visibility even in low light conditions. But what is the point of a dive watch? In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the functionality, history, and modern applications of these fascinating timepieces.

Another important feature of dive watches is the unidirectional rotating bezel. This bezel is used to track elapsed time. By setting the zero marker against the minute hand at the start of a dive, divers can easily monitor how long they have been underwater. The bezel only rotates counterclockwise to prevent accidental movement leading to an overestimation of remaining dive time. This is a critical safety feature for divers.

The Functionality of Dive Watches. Dive watches are not merely fashion accessories. They serve a crucial purpose for divers and have a range of features designed to aid in underwater exploration. The primary function of a dive watch is to monitor the time a diver spends underwater. This is critical for managing oxygen supply and avoiding decompression sickness, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by ascending too quickly from deep waters.

While dive watches were originally designed for professional divers, they are now used by a wide range of people for various purposes. For recreational divers, a dive watch is still an essential piece of equipment. Even with the advent of digital dive computers, many divers prefer the reliability and simplicity of a mechanical dive watch. In professional settings, dive watches are used by military divers, underwater archaeologists, and marine biologists. They are valued for their durability, accuracy, and ease of use in challenging conditions. For example, military divers often operate in extreme environments where electronic devices may fail. In these situations, a mechanical dive watch can be a lifesaver.

Today, dive watches are more advanced than ever. They offer greater water resistance, more precise timekeeping, and a range of additional features such as helium escape valves. Despite these advancements, the core functionality and design principles of dive watches have remained largely unchanged. Modern dive watches are also increasingly being used as fashion accessories. Their robust construction and distinctive design make them a popular choice for watch enthusiasts, even those who have no intention of diving.


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