Exploring new horizons or crossing new frontiers are all opportunities to demonstrate determination and boldness. Whether on land, in the air or at sea, or in a creative quest, the intensity is lived on the wrist.

Media editorial of luxurious RESERVOIR watch featuring light grey, dark navy, and medium grey colours.

Immersion is imminent. A submarine quietly folds into the unfathomable depths of the ocean, disappearing without trace from the surface and taking with it a world whose space is enclosed in heat and wetness. The metallic ping of the sonar pulses in the glacial silence, and the smell of the diesel engines saturates the air. The heat is suffocating in the engine compartment, and the noise deafening. Everything on the TIEFENMESSER is about metal, pressure and precision: the piping, the riveted plates and the tubes. In the living quarters, time passes differently for the crew, except for the Captain: monitoring the periscope, he is the only one to have contact with the outside world.

Dark brown, bright red, and light olive green pattern on fabric.
Dark brown, bright red, and light olive green pattern on fabric.

Make It Bold

Mission : Bring boldness back to life and make every minute count, so every hour counts.

passion for adventure

a radical way to read time


Swiss made


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