Aeronautics Collections

Aviator jets, propeller-driven aircrafts and its icons – including both the planes that achieved such cult status and the design of the on-board aviation instruments – provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for RESERVOIR.


Airfight collection

Inspired by the cockpits of aviator jets and propeller-driven aircrafts, the RESERVOIR Airfight collection focuses on on-board instrumentation.

Play Video about Jet airfight watched in the sky with dark brown, dark red and light grey colours.

Airfight watches


BLACK SPARROW collection

The story of aircraft is not just about planes, but the bold and the brave who would fly them straight to heaven, even when the bells of hell rang on the earth: the Great War.
Taking inspiration from the simple looking yet complex instruments from the first air fighter’s cockpits, the BLACK SPARROW collection pays tribute to the heroic journey of Eugene Bullard, who was the first African American combat pilot enlisted during WWI in the French aviation army.
Take flight with audacity, a time instrument from the past on the wrist, with a new steel or black PVD case, black or sand dial with Art Nouveau-inspired luminescent numerals, mounted on a black or brown Barenia leather strap, the retrograde minute and jumping hour being powered by the new RESERVOIR RSV-240 caliber.

Dark Navy WW1 Biplane Pilot with Leather Jacket wearing Light Grey-Blue and Grey-Purple Watch.


Fail or Prevail BUT


passion for adventure

a radical way
to read time


Swiss made

Aeronautics FAQ

When selecting the best watch for a pilot, consider functionality, durability, and style. Ideal features include a chronograph for timing, dual time zone or GMT for travel, and a slide rule bezel for calculations. Look for durable elements like sapphire crystal and luminous hands for visibility. Comfort is key, so a lightweight design with an appropriate size is preferred.

Pilots often wear expensive watches not only for their functional benefits, such as precise timekeeping, dual time zones, and navigational aids, but also as a symbol of their professional status and personal style. High-quality watches, especially those from brands with aviation heritage, resonate with pilots due to their reliability, durability, and specialized features suited for aviation. Moreover, these watches often serve as a mark of achievement or a personal reward for reaching professional milestones. The combination of practical utility, a connection to aviation history, and the prestige associated with luxury watches makes them a favored choice among pilots.

The key difference between a pilot’s watch and a normal watch lies in specialized features tailored for aviation. Pilot watches typically include functions like a chronograph for precise timing, dual time zone or GMT capability for managing different time zones, and often a slide rule bezel for flight-related calculations. They are designed for legibility under various conditions, with large dials, luminous hands, and markers. Durability is also a focus, with features like scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. In contrast, normal watches may lack these specific aviation-oriented functionalities and are primarily designed for general timekeeping and everyday use.

A pilot’s watch serves multiple purposes beyond just telling time. It is designed to assist with essential flight calculations and navigation. Features like a chronograph function aid in accurate timekeeping and flight timing, while a GMT or dual time zone feature helps track time across different regions, crucial for pilots flying internationally. Some models include a slide rule bezel for on-the-fly calculations like fuel consumption, distance, and conversion rates. Additionally, their robust construction and high legibility cater to the demanding environment of a cockpit. These watches also symbolize the aviation profession, often reflecting a pilot’s identity and achievements.

Yes, many pilots still wear pilot watches, although modern cockpit technology has made some of the traditional functions less critical. These watches, known for their durability, legibility, and specific features like dual time zones, chronographs, and slide rule bezels, continue to be favored for their practicality and reliability. Beyond their functional use, pilot watches also hold a symbolic value, representing a connection to the rich history and tradition of aviation. They often serve as a badge of honor or a personal statement reflecting the wearer’s professional identity and passion for flying.


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