it's time

At the very moment when audacity begins, when the passion within you defies the ordinary. As the minutes tick away and let your adrenaline find its playground.

With increasing intensity, When the moment becomes critical, That your senses are awake. When the pressure reaches its limits, and that only one evidence is offered to you: never give up.

Just when your will regains control, where the mind empties. As your gesture finds its address, until the ultimate thrill that closes the experience and mission the next hour. Like an eternal departure.

Fail or Prevail BUT




Bring boldness back to life and make every minute count, so every hour counts.


The adventures embodied by measuring instruments and mechanical counters, faithful allies of heroes over the ages, and a deep source of inspiration for a real watchmaking alternative.

logo reservoir


A radical reading of the time – retrograde minute, jumping hour, power reserve, and other complications – punctuated by a regular thrill, so that each model can transform time into a precious resource.


A unique French design for singular models, true watchmaking exceptions, containing a tailor-made and proprietary Swiss-Made module.

World of

Taking its inspiration from measuring instruments, RESERVOIR watches reflect the functionality and aesthetic appeal of counters, manometers, gauges from universes like automobile, aeronautics and marine. RESERVOIR watches echo an era in which these precision instruments, easy to read and accurate to act, were at the service of mankind. A time when the pulse quickened, and adrenaline coursed through the driver’s or pilot’s veins as he embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance.

From a meter
to a watch

Reservoir creates the radical reading of time

for a maximum boldness

How to read time ?

RESERVOIR timepieces take on the ultra-functional style of instrument meters, creating a radical way to read time.  The retrograde minute and the jumping hour act as substitutes for the more usual three hands on Swiss watches. RESERVOIR watches are innovative for the radical way the time is displayed, which is achieved by drawing on two watchmaking complications combined with the power reserve. The retrograde minute at 240° recalls the R.P.M. counters, the manometers, and the depth gauges. The jumping hour recalls the mileage meters, and the power reserve display echoes the fuel and oil gauges.


Before the creation, there is the idea.

To go beyond limits, to set new heights and to accomplish real achievements, like all those legendary pilots who inspired RESERVOIR. Achievements made possible thanks to the incredible energy of those pilots, like the fuel symbolized by the gauge and the jerrican.

To embody its values in the material, RESERVOIR borrows from gas jerrycans the shape engraved on their side to create the brand’s emblem. Born in the 30s, those petrol tanks were precious tools, especially during war for soldiers and their jeeps as well as pilots ready to take off to fight. They are a true allegory for the brand; they recall that for any action, energy is essential.

From the origin

swiss made

The RESERVOIR collections bear witness to unique watchmaking know-how by satisfying the strictest professional requirements. It is in Switzerland, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, that the TELOS master watchmakers develop the three complication module, the beating heart of the RSV-240 caliber, before these are
All their art is revealed in the precision of the measurements, the rigor of the controls and the attention paid to each stage of work, regardless of the mechanical complexity of the watch. The fact that the checks are so thorough, and that such attention is devoted to every minor detail, means that RESERVOIR is truly proud to display the SWISS MADE label, even in its logo.

Swiss made
Montre reservoir watch




CEO & Founder

Passionate by watchmaking and fascinated by vintage measuring instruments since his childhood, François has created RESERVOIR as a tribute to these legendary racing drivers, to these pioneers of the aerospace conquest and to all those heroes determined to push the limits of their time.
After 25 years of international management experience in the banking industry, François decides in 2015 to put his energy and his skills in the launch of RESERVOIR, to fully live his passion and to develop innovative watch collections. With an acute sense of design and a contagious creativity, François is driven by his insatiable desire to offer a genuine and affordable alternative to luxury watchmaking.



Business Development Director & Partner

François has joined the RESERVOIR adventure from the very beginning, with the conviction that the project matches the trends of the watch market which he had previously witnessed as South China GM of the world’s leading Swiss Made watch brand.

Graduated from Sciences-Po in 2000, François rapidly wished to put into practice his taste for commercial and operational development in luxury products by relocating to China from 2002 to 2015, where he notably developed the South China branch of the leading wine & spirits importer, before joining the watch industry in 2007.


Chief Marketing Officer, Digital
Communication & Partner

François-Marie fulfills his willingness for an entrepreneurial adventure by establishing RESERVOIR as a new and global Luxury watchmaking brand. Passionate about timepieces that tell a story, he is fully dedicated in creating for this new house a robust perceived value through emotions and unique experiences, inspired by audacious heroes from the past or from today.

Holding a dual degree as engineer at Arts&Métiers Paristech and business education at INSEAD & Executive MBA of HEC Paris, Francois-Marie held various managerial positions in France, Europe and Latin America in large consumer corporations, during which he developed robust “savoir-faire” in marketing strategy, communication and digital for global brands.

Awards & recognition

RESERVOIR is proud to be recognized by some of the most influential watchmaking publications and organizations around the world

reservoir_1200x800_HY SL GREG LECOEUR

Hydrosphere Bronze x The Greg Lecoeur Edition

Best Diving Watch
Hydrosphere Bronze x The Greg Lecoeur Edition nominated in the Diving category at the Middle East Watch & Jewellery of the Year 2021.



RESERVOIR wins the Red Dot Award of excellence for the stunning design of the Kanister model ! The Red Dot Product Design Award is one of the highest distinctions for design and innovation, awarded in an international competition.



For its first participation at the Only Watch charity auction, RESERVOIR is proud to join the 2021 generous collective effort for research against muscular dystrophies, with a unique piece the RESERVOIR Kanister Palladium.

reservoir_1200x800_HY SL GREG LECOEUR

Hydrosphere Bronze x The Greg Lecoeur Edition

The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) aims at rewarding the most remarkable contemporary creations and promote the watchmaking art worldwide.
Hydrosphere Bronze x The Greg Lecoeur Edition nominated in the Diving category at the GPHG 2021.