At its heart, beat three horlogical complications to the rythm of the battles to face, in order to overcome and reach the victory. Whether on land, in the air or at sea, the intensity is lived on the wrist.


June 6, 1944 – 6:30 am – The time of landing. In Omaha Beach, the US Army deploys soldiers and war material. The Normandy landing marks the beginning of one of the greatest battle of the Second World War. Code name “Overlord”. More than 20,000 warships land on beaches including the legendary off-road battlefield DDay. The iconic vehicle was designed in 1941 at the request of the US Army. Its strengths? Toughness, durability and versatility. Eisenhower will say that itis one of the three decisive weapons of the United States during this war. Used during the landing and symbol of the Second World War, this all-terrain vehicle is today the emblem of adventure.