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The RESERVOIR’s collaborations illustrate the values shared with heroes of the past or present, each being the subject of a specific limited edition watch.


Greg Lecoeur

Award-winning Underwater Photographer & Adventurer


An eponymous limited edition to highlight the photographic art of Greg Lecoeur in favor of the preservation of the flora and fauna of the oceans

RESERVOIR Watch is honored to partner with the diver photographer Greg Lecoeur, and to unveil an eponymous limited edition retracing his photographic art in favor of the preservation of ocean's flora and fauna.


Greg Lecoeur explores the planet and is committed to the preservation of the Nature, using photography to expose the beauty of the marine world and raise awareness of the fragility of ecosystems. Recognized for his artistic qualities, his unparalleled patience and his sensitivity, he captures the emotion of the moment by creating touching images. His work has received numerous international awards (National History Museum, GDT, Sony Awards, Montier en Der, Siena, etc.). In 2016 he was named Nature Photographer of the Year by National Geographic and in 2020 Underwater Photographer of the Year by UPY London.


Greg Lecoeur has selected the Hydrosphere Bronze diving watch model, and chosen a blue sunray dial to best reflect the seabed. He also selected a series of photos gathered in an exploration notebook and delivered with the model’s waterproof case. A promoter of coral protection, part of the sale will be donated to the replanting of a coral through the Coral Gardeners association. Finally, each buyer of this limited series will be offered a dive with Greg Lecoeur in the Port-Cros national park, Hyères (France). A way of living an exclusive moment with an exceptional explorer of the seabed and sharing his passion for the oceans.



Revolution Watch Magazine

International Luxury Media


“A dive watch like no other, the new Hydrosphere Bronze is reminiscent of the warm sun on an island paradise. “

Words: Wei Koh (Revolution) "When the opportunity arose to create a special edition watch with RESERVOIR, it was without hesitation that I asked for it to be on the Hydrosphere platform. And as it turns out, we had the perfect theme. We will be opening our first physical retail shop in the beginning of 2021. While many might have speculated that this would be in a major city like London, New York or Singapore, our first boutique will be located in the Maldives. Specifically, 50 minutes from Malé by speedboat, on a reef owned by our partners Pontiac Land where they have reclaimed three islands for three different hotels comprising a total of almost 300 villas on the water. To celebrate our launch in this diving and water sports mecca, we decided with RESERVOIR to create a very special version of the Hydrosphere — one that evokes the sun as it dips into the water. The setting sun is a promise that it will rise once again tomorrow, bringing with it a brand-new day. It symbolizes the beginning of 2021, a year that we know will bring a renewal of hope, optimism, and prosperity to the world. 


We selected bronze because this has been a material for some of Revolution’s best-selling special-edition watches, including the IWC Mark XI in 36mm with a George Cleverley 200-year-old Russian reindeer-hide strap. I recall all 150 pieces of this watch sold in 14 minutes in 2019 when it was launched. Says Moreau “But even more because, in the context of a diving watch, bronze was always the material that [was] used to create ancient marine elements like hardware, oarlocks, latches and even propellers. The use of bronze gave our Hydrosphere the sense that it was an artifact from a Jules Verne fantasy. We loved the idea of this watch developing a beautiful patina [because it] was used in the stunning blue waters of the Maldives. To complement the bronze case, we found a dial with the perfect color of the sunset and complemented by a beautiful sunray effect emanating from the center. Then, we found the perfect tone of brown ceramic for the bezel insert.” 


Note that on this special edition, the indexes are rose gold in color, filled with luminous material, then applied to the dial for an extra touch of vibrancy and richness from the regular production watch. The entire design was an interesting exercise in playing with much warmer color codes, such as the cream colored Luminova used on the bezel. The end-result is a watch with a totally different character — much warmer and somehow sensual — and we love it. With the watch, we include both a rubber strap and a NATO strap with bronze hardware and keepers. This is an all-new strap design for us and is exclusive to the Revolution model. The RESERVOIR × Revolution Bronze Hydrosphere will be made in a limited edition of 100 pieces. It also comes with a print of an original artwork by Alain Bouldouyre, commissioned by RESERVOIR to tell the story of our collaboration in the lush and wonderous Maldives. Says Moreau, “It’s funny, when I look at the watch and dream of wearing [it] in the Maldives, I am filled with optimism. In some ways, the watch fills me with hopefulness for the future.” I am most inclined to agree with him."



Maxime Sorel

Vendee Globe 2020-2021 finisher & Sailing Skipper

After 82 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes and 15 seconds of multiple twists and turns, the skipper Maxime Sorel completed his first round-the-world trip at the 10th position on January 30th, 2021. His boat, and therefore the box containing the 10 Tiefenmesser Bronze watches as a limited edition, traveled the distance on the water of 27,346.91 nautical miles at an average speed of 13.79 knots per hour. 

On November the 08th, 2020, RESERVOIR embarked with the skipper Maxime SOREL on the IMOCA V and B - Mayenne racing boat, to compete at the 9th edition of the Vendée Globe 2020-2021. He wore on his wrist a RESERVOIR Tiefenmesser Bronze for his first participation in this sailing race around the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. Only a hundred competitors have managed to cross the finish line since its creation in 1989, the skipper embarked for this outstanding competition a waterproof case containing 10 watches of Tiefenmesser Bronze, which today becomes a limited edition stamped “Maxime Sorel”. After 82 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes and 15 seconds of multiple twists and turns, Maxime Sorel completed his first round-the-world trip at the 10th position on January 30th, 2021. His boat, and therefore the box containing the 10 watches, traveled the distance on the water of 27,346.91 nautical miles at an average speed of 13.79 knots per hour. 


Each of the 10 watches is certified having traveled around the world on its boat, for which Maxime Sorel symbolically identified one crossed milestone from his incredible journey. A logbook gathers them as the story of an extraordinary maritime adventure, a symbol of his determination and audacity. Each buyer will be offered a half-day sailing with Maxime Sorel on a racing boat in Europe (excluding insurance, transportation and accommodation fees). It is an outstanding way to experience a unique sailing moment, with a world athlete. Maxime Sorel is one of the key sponsor of the “Vaincre la Mucovisidose” caritative association, which provides support for patients in every aspect of their lives turned upside down by cystic fibrosis. A part of the sale of each watch will be donated to the association, hence supporting this cause.


Atelier M.Marceau

Feather Workshop Established in Paris

RESERVOIR continues to enrich the watchmaking vocabulary with a high-end watch bracelet made of rooster feathers. Braided in the Parisian workshops ATELIER M.MARCEAU by the “plumassier” Maxime Leroy, the new watch accessory is available in full-fledged chromatic quintet.

RESERVOIR continues to enrich the watchmaking vocabulary with a high-end watch bracelet made of rooster feathers. Braided in the Parisian workshops ATELIER M.MARCEAU by the “plumassier” Maxime Leroy, the new watch accessory is available in full-fledged chromatic quintet.


The first, François Moreau, was passionate about cars and vintage measuring instruments, to the point of creating in their honor a watchmaking house. Merging French creativity and Swiss Made, RESERVOIR watches compete in innovation. The unique design invites a radical reading of the time when retrograde minutes and jumping hours are the accomplices of the passing hour and that which is looming. 


The second, Maxime Leroy, is a virtuoso Plumassier who diverts the feather from his traditional register - Chanel, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier are regular customers. With him open up new fields of expression, from motorcycle helmets to fashionable sneakers.


The meeting between these two formidable creatives gives birth to an unprecedented watchmaking chapter with a tailor-made watch strap, in woven rooster feathers on leather. Selected for their correct width, matched according to their nuances, then glued to block the beards, the feathers of the collar, or collars, are then braided diagonally, offering superb plays of light and shine. "During the seven years that I taught; I talked a lot with the watchmaking teacher. We made clock faces decorated with bestiary with my students. For this adventure with RESERVOIR, the technique developed is like a partition. My fingers are raised, my tool slides and I become a musician dialoguing with the material. This know-how allows the feather to be discreet. We read it, but it is forgotten” observes Maxime Leroy from ATELIERS M.MARCEAU.


For François Moreau, “Maxime claims to put the feather everywhere, including on the dashboard of his Autobianchi convertible of the 50s! He has an incredible aesthetic sense. It immediately won us over because French creation is at the heart of RESERVOIR, just like Swiss Made.”


Collaboration that François-Marie Neycensas, Chief Marketing Officer of RESERVOIR, highlights: "It is above all a human encounter around a deliberate choice to promote French know-how." He adds: "The challenge was to harmoniously combine braided feather bracelets with unique-designed watches containing horological complications. Our two young Luxury houses showcase French elegance and Swiss precision, for a resolutely contemporary luxury. This creative work also gave birth to a film which articulates the longtime of craftsmanship from ATELIER M.MARCEAU, with the intensity of present time evoked by all the collections of the watches made by RESERVOIR”. Distinguished like an old car, the chromatic palette unfolds from nude, perfect with the bronze case of the Tiefenmesser, in tangerine versions, or on future versions on the Longbridge case in English green, overseas and matt black. The flash pump is there to change three movements in two stages, according to the agenda. Coat with tartan pattern on tailoring or sherling suit, denim and chunky soles, the feather men's bracelet adapts



IDEC Sport car racing team

European Le Mans Series & 24 hours of Le Mans key competitor.

RESERVOIR took a 24-pieces limited serie aboard the LMP2 IDEC Sport racing car during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 2020 and 2021 editions.

RESERVOIR watch is proud to be the official watchmaker of IDEC Sport for the European Le Mans Series 2020 and 2021 (ELMS). The house embarked on board the LMP2 racing car during the legendary endurance race : the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 2020 an 2021 Edition. Limited series of 24 GT Tour “IDEC SPORT Edition 2021” and “IDEC SPORT Edition 2020” have be installed inside the car cockpit, and competed the legendary race for 24 hours, alongside with the 3 pilots: Paul Lafargue, Paul-Loup Chatin and Patrick Pilet.This French collaboration is the result of the meeting between men inspired by a taste for entrepreneurship and surpassing oneself. Three values illustrate this common adventure: the audacity to undertake in approved universes such as watchmaking or real estate, the determination to succeed at an international level, the authenticity of the passionate men who make up their teams.


-Patrice LAFARGUE (Founder & CEO, IDEC): “We are delighted with this new adventure with RESERVOIR and the IDEC Sport team. The values conveyed by the brand correspond well to those of IDEC Sport and to our common passion for motorsport.”
-François MOREAU (Founder & CEO, RESERVOIR): “I am particularly proud to see RESERVOIR become the watchmaking partner of the formidable IDEC Sport team whose teams carry values very close to ours: audacity, authenticity, determination, taste for performance and overtaking. We also share a deep passion for motorsport, and I am therefore very happy to develop this collaboration with the IDEC group”.


Each watch will thus go through all the kilometers of the racing circuit, symbolizing the determination and the audacity of the teams for this worldwide competition. The 24 customers received an invitation to attend the next 24 Hours of Le Mans edition and meet the team in action.



RESERVOIR watch unveils first limited editions of Tourbillons

Two series will be available to order, each time in 10-piece Limited Edition: Onyx Dial with Titanium Case, and Guilloché Dial with Titanium Case
RESERVOIR x TÉLÔS Watch unveil limited series of co-created Tourbillons, combining French creativity as a signature display - 240° retrograde minutes and jumping hour – with the Swiss Made savoir-faire as a high-watchmaking caliber - Grand Tourbillon at 6 with 437 components and 46 jewels

Fail or Prevail BUT


passion for adventure

a radical way
to read time


Swiss made


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