Authenticity, Determination, Performance

These instruments were painstakingly built by craftsmen who were fired with enthusiasm for measurement and time. The RESERVOIR is Swiss Made, and echoes an era in which precision instruments were at the service of mankind.


A time when the pulse quickened and adrenaline coursed through your veins as you embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance. The RESERVOIR on your wrist tells these stories: stories that embody fundamental truths that stir the spirit, characterised by an intensity of feeling and self-affirmation. The single hand of the RESERVOIR dial jumps back every 60 minutes, mirroring the significance of an hour having passed, and reaching out to invite you to seize the opportunities presented by the hour still to come. The RESERVOIR is an audacious timepiece with a radical time display. It is innovative for the way each wearer gets to experience every minute precisely and accurately. The Luxury of Intensity: when everything is possible.

of inspiration

RESERVOIR takes its inspiration from the universes that have marked the history of mankind from the 19th Century to the present time.

The GT Tour was born in the world of the car and the car race – symbols of endurance and high performance.

The SUPERCHARGED is the natural extension of the streamlined look and sophisticated engine power of those racing cars of old.

Military aviation and its icons – including both the planes that achieved such cult status and the design of the aviation instruments – provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the AIRFIGHT range.

Submarines as emblems of power confined to unfathomable depths are a natural link to the TIEFENMESSER.

RESERVOIR collections are authentic emblems, forging connections in the imagination to days gone by through the timepieces’ lines, their materials and their unique designs.

de l’heure

RESERVOIR timepieces take on the ultra-functional style of instrument counters, creating an audacious time display.

The retrograde minute and jumping hour hand act as substitutes for the more usual three hands on Swiss watches.
RESERVOIR timepieces are innovative for the radical way the time is displayed, which is achieved by drawing on two watchmaking complications combined with the power reserve – a testament to mechanical energy and pent-up power. The retrograde minute at 240° recalls the rev counters, the manometers and the altimeters. The jumping hour in the aperture recalls the kilometre counters, and the power reserve display echoes the fuel and oil gauges.

Precision, exactitude and reliability: this is all about measuring time, delivering performance and assessing risk factors.

TheSwiss made label

The RESERVOIR collection is a testament to the unique body of watchmaking knowledge that abides by the most stringent professional standards.

Qualified watchmakers design, assemble and check the meticulously calibrated settings of RESERVOIR watches in Switzerland, and the fact that the checks are so thorough, and that such attention is devoted to every minor detail, means that RESERVOIR Watch timepieces are truly proud to display their SWISS MADE label: an emblem of high-quality watchmaking achieved through a patented proprietary module comprising 97 components.

The movement


In order to fine-tune the precision mechanism so that the three complications on the timepieces can be displayed, RESERVOIR has joined forces with one of the best-known Swiss watchmakers, specialized in designing high complication movements.

A 97-part proprietary watchmaking module has, to this end, been specially drawn up and patented. The module is powered by the ETA 2824-2 movement, widely acclaimed for its reliability and precision, oscillating at 28800/h

All RESERVOIR watches feature a retrograde minute hand, a jumping hour and a 34-hour power reserve.

The Community

RESERVOIR is a testament to authentic history, and offers vintage enthusiasts and fine watch collectors the chance to bring to life the art of fine living, harking back to an era rich with cult items in which everyone can propel themselves into the universes of the automobile, aeronautics and the marine environment. The functional design, elegant style and original display mode of RESERVOIR timepieces will appeal to anyone craving luxury, where an object embodies the passion and enthusiasm so dear to those who seek to assert themselves and to live every moment meaningfully, experiencing time for the adventure that it really is.

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