New RESERVOIR HYDROSPHERE Cenote : a single-hand diving watch to explore the Yucatan’s Underground mysteries

Media editorial of luxury RESERVOIR watch in dark teal, light greyish pink, and light turquoise.


Imminent submersion – Dive time: 45 minutes, depth: 25 meters. The pressure builds. Desire for exploration and challenge infuse the senses and the mind. Stay concentrated in the time to check the equipment: tanks, oxygen, pressure regulator, stabilizer… Clamped to the wrist, Hydrosphere, a watch resembling Scuba diving pressure gauges, the first survival instruments for divers. Having a unidirectional, rotating bezel with a double scale, helium valve and power indicator, RESERVOIR Hydrosphere asserts its uniqueness with a single hand on the dial. Upending the aesthetics of diving watches, it possesses the mainstays of a successful dive : security, functionality, confidence itself and its equipment.


The new RESERVOIR Hydrosphere Cenote is a tribute to the hidden treasures harbored by nature and the marine universe. This new model refers to the natural tunnels and wells of water and light commonly known as “cenote”, whose origins date back thousands of years to the Mayan civilizations. Formed by the collapse of calcareous rocks and earthen soils, the cenotes conceal extraordinary pools of crystal clear water revealing a lush and preserved flora. The light entering these caves reveals a multitude of bright color variations ranging from turquoise to azure blue, green and yellow. It is while diving that you can discover these incredible color palettes, in particular these dominant greens caused by the reverberation of the jungle in the water.

The Hydrosphere Cenote watch features a green dial with sundial finishes, the color shades of which recall the contrasting waters of the cenote. The Hydrosphere Cenote takes its design and functionality from diving manometers and redefines the aesthetic codes of the diving watch. Featuring a 45mm-diameter bronze case and a unidirectional ceramic rotating bezel with double graduation for reading dive-stop times, the watch is water-resistant to 250 meters. This new model is equipped with 3 complications : the jumping hour, the retrograde minute and the power reserve, and it is equipped with the new RESERVOIR RSV-240 watchmaking caliber. This caliber offers a 56-hour power reserve and combines a patented proprietary module of three complications associated with an optimized manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base). 


Cenotes, as they were called by the ancient Mayan tribes, are places full of underwater mysteries. These natural water-filled cavities are unique wells of light whose origin dates back thousands of years. Formed by the collapse of calcareous rocks and earthen soils, the cenotes conceal extraordinary pools of crystal clear water. Filtered by the rocks, the water found in a cenote is sweet, but sometimes the lower layers of water can be salty. Carved out below the sea and ocean level, cenotes allow water to seep in through a series of earthly faults, allowing their cavities to fill up as time passes. This extraordinary phenomenon can only be observed in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, where more than ten thousand cenotes have been counted, some of them being up to 318 meters deep. Often interconnected, the cenotes communicate through a network of underwater caves and use these caves to release their water into the seas and oceans.

You have to see it to believe it, the cenotes are places of incomparable beauty. Similar to the landscapes you might discover in a science fiction film, the cenotes are true havens of peace and hidden treasures of nature. The light entering these caves reveals a multitude of bright color variations ranging from turquoise to azure and cyan blue to green and yellow. It is while diving that you can discover these incredible color palettes, in particular these dominant greens caused by the reverberation of the jungle in the water. The light reflections playing on the water reveal more and more nuances, some of which are so subtle that they become almost imperceptible to the naked eye, but we can guess them between two rays of sunlight. The translucent waters reveal a lush and preserved flora as well as flourishing ecosystems. The spectacle that can be experienced within the walls of these caves and the magic that operates within them gives you an almost hypnotic effect, awakening all your senses.

Before being an endless exploration area, the cenote was once considered as a sacred place by the Mayan natives. Perceived as the symbolic representation of the gateway to the infra-world, it allowed communication with the underground world where life and death coexisted. According to Mayan beliefs, the infraworld – named “Xibalba” by the Mayas – was the peaceful place where the souls of living beings and Mayan gods wandered after death, including the soul of the god “Chaac”, god of rain. Xibalba was also for the Mayas the origin of all life, water giving birth to cultures and allowing people to live. Therefore, the cenote had multiple functions and many symbols were associated to it. Each cenote had a specific function, being simultaneously a place of rebirth, fertility and death where traditional rituals of offerings and sacrifices were regularly organized.


Ref. RSV03.HY/334.GR


– 45mm, bronze case with satin finish 

– Green dial with sundial finish, white indexes, magnifier on the jumping-hour window  

– Unidirectional, ceramic rotating bezel with double scale for reading the time at different diving depths before and after the retrograde minute hand’s return

– Screw-down crown, water-resistant to 250m, helium valve

– Stainless steel screwed back

– Anti-reflective sapphire crystal 


– Complications: Retrograde minutes, jumping hour, 56h power reserve 

– Self-winding mechanical movement

– Caliber RSV-240 mechanical with automatic winding composed of a proprietary patented module of 113 parts on a Manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base)

– 28,800 alt./h

– Swiss Made


– Green NATO strap, mounted on bronze stirrups

– Additional black rubber strap 


– Available to order online from December 2022 through a prestigious network of 70+ high-end stores 

and specialist retailers in 20+ countries.


– 4’850 € TTC, 4’400 £ incl taxes, 4’600 $ w/o taxes MSRP


Taking its inspiration from measuring instruments, RESERVOIR watches reflect the functionality and aesthetic appeal of counters, manometers, gauges from universes like automobile, aeronautics and marine. RESERVOIR watches echo an era in which these precision instruments, easy to read and accurate to act, were at the service of mankind. A time when the pulse quickened, and adrenaline coursed through the driver’s or pilot’s veins as he embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance. A RESERVOIR watch on the wrist tells these stories that embody fundamental truths that stir the spirit, characterized by an intensity of feeling and self-affirmation.  

RESERVOIR timepieces are innovative thanks to a radical time display, by combining three horological complications: the retrograde minute at 240° recalls the R.P.M. counters, the jumping hour recalls mileage meters, and the power reserve display echoes the fuel gauges. The assortment is built around ten collections: GT Tour, Supercharged, Longbridge, Battlefield, Kanister (Cars) – Airfight (Aeronautic) – Tiefenmesser, Hydrosphere (Marine) – Sonomaster, Blake & Mortimer (Partnerships). All models are equipped with a bespoke and patented horological module of 124 components associated with a manufacture movement, assembled at La-Chaux-De-Fonds in Switzerland by a renowned watchmaker.

Established in 2017, RESERVOIR is distributed among 20+ countries – incl. the United States, Japan, France, and China (…) – on-line and through a network of 70+ up-scale department stores and specialist dealers. The core range is set at a content price of 3’980$ (excl VAT). Presented annually at international watch fairs, such as Time to Watches/Baselworld (Switzerland), Couture (USA), SIAR (Mexico), the novelties received outstanding reviews from the world media and were nominated four times for the Swiss GPHG (Geneva Grand Prix of Watchmaking) in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, and one offered at the largest horological charity auction OnlyWatch 2021.

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