RESERVOIR watch unveils first limited editions of Tourbillons

Reservoir Men's Tiefenmesser Stainless Steel Watch w/ Leather Strap White - Tourbillon

RESERVOIR x TÉLÔS Watch unveil limited series of co-created Tourbillons, combining French creativity as a signature display – 240° retrograde minutes and jumping hour – with the Swiss Made savoir-faire as a high-watchmaking caliber – Grand Tourbillon at 6 with 437 components and 46 jewels.

With a new powerhouse and a new dimension, RESERVOIR proudly presents limited series of in-house Tourbillon in collaboration with TÉLÔS Watch. It’s a major technical step change for the emerging, wholly independent brand, achieved with the collaboration of the renowned movement manufacturer TÉLÔS Watch from La Chaux-de-Fonds, RESERVOIR’s strategic partner since its earliest days.

— Increasingly complex watchmaking content


RESERVOIR watch has carved out a reputation in mechanical watchmaking thanks to its expertise in displaying hours, minutes, and power reserves. Today, the brand is going from strength to strength. From its original caliber with the clever retrograde display that led to its success, it has now moved up a gear with the unveiling of series of in-house movement to be regulated by a tourbillon.

The tourbillon is exclusive to the brand – which, as transparent as ever, is not ashamed to own to the ongoing collaboration with its strategic partner, without whom this achievement would never have seen the light of day: renowned movement manufacturer TÉLÔS Watch, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds and established in 2009 by watchmakers Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin.

— A signature display – 240° retrograde minutes and jumping hour

In 2023, RESERVOIR watch revealed its first Tourbillon, known as the RESERVOIR x TÉLÔS watch Tiefenmesser Tourbillon, at the occasion of the charity auction Only Watch. This precious know-how is now available for collectors with different variants, each time in limited series.

In 2024, two series will be available to order, each time in 10-piece Limited Edition: Onyx Dial with Titanium Case, and Guilloché Dial with Titanium Case. The display is the pure RESERVOIR watch brand’s signature, recalling the measuring instruments: a regulator-type dial indicating retrograde minutes on a 240° arc. The jumping hours are, typically, displayed in a large window in the remaining 120 degrees of space freed up by this arrangement.

— A Grand Tourbillon at 6 with 437 components and 46 jewels


On the technical side, TÉLÔS watch opted for an imposing, untrammeled and graceful layout for the tourbillon, located at 6 o’clock. With a rate of 4Hz and powered by a double barrel, it has an ample power reserve of 60 hours. Fitted with a fixed balance-spring support, balancing is achieved in a traditional manner, with the inertia adjusted by flyweights screwed directly onto the balance wheel. The diameter of the expansive tourbillon is in fact that of its escapement wheel. It completes one revolution every 60 seconds, meaning that it can double up as a second indicator – but this is where style choices on the part of RESERVOIR watch come into play.

Rather than being fitted with a hand, the Tourbillon features a large upper bridge in the shape of the RESERVOIR logo. Collectors will instantly recognize this as the hallmark of a wholly proprietary Tourbillon, and undoubtedly take careful note of the fact. It’s a highly traditional horological design choice that resonates well with the historic nature of the venerable tourbillon, for which a patent request was first filed in 1801. To further highlight the prestige of the tourbillon and ensure the plate offsets it in suitably imposing fashion, the latter is anthracite grey and bead-blasted before an NAC finish is applied.

To the rear, a transparent, non-reflective sapphire crystal reveals the oscillating weight, made from. A specially engraved with ‘Chadburns’, the markings to be found on the controls of historic sea vessels or submarines: two sectors (ahead and astern) between which sits the ‘stop’ position, with the five engine speeds corresponding to each setting marked accordingly.

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