New Limited-Edition with Emirati-artist Abdulla Lutfi at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

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RESERVOIR watch unveils its latest collaboration with the renowned Emirati artist Abdulla Lutfi, introducing a distinctive timepiece that seamlessly blends modern art with traditional Swiss-made horology. This limited-edition creation is exclusively available at the Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons boutiques across the Middle East.

RESERVOIR watch unveils its latest collaboration with the renowned Emirati artist Abdulla Lutfi, introducing a distinctive timepiece that seamlessly blends modern art with traditional Swiss-made horology. This limited-edition creation is exclusively available at the Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons boutiques across the Middle East.

The timepiece serves as both a utilitarian tool and a creative statement, embodying a lively blend of precision and whimsy. The watch’s dial immediately captures attention with its brilliant blue background, showcasing a colorful and playful urban scene. Skyscrapers, symbolic of the bustling international city of Dubai, form a dynamic backdrop interspersed with recurring patterns in windows, antennae, and other architectural elements. Different shades of blue depict the metropolis, while contrasting tones provide depth and perspective.


A delightful figure on the dial donning a dishdasha exudes energy and joy as he merrily runs around, clutching a musical note that symbolizes the rhythm and melody of city life.

As an artist on the spectrum, Abdulla perceives and interprets the world in a distinctive and nonconventional manner. He takes great pride in his exceptional memory, keen attention to detail, and the spontaneity imbued in his work. For him, art is more than just expression. It’s a bridge connecting him to the world. Through his creations, Abdulla feels as if he’s allowing viewers a glimpse into his very soul.


The watch epitomizes impeccable Swiss craftsmanship, extending beyond visual allure. The retrograde minute hand glides gracefully, the jumping hour acts as a distinct indicator, offering an innovative time-reading approach. Constructed from stainless steel, the casing reflects light, bestowing it a premium appearance. Powered by the RESERVOIR caliber RSV-240, a self-winding mechanical movement with a patented 113-piece module. The sleek case contrasts harmoniously with the leather strap, providing comfort and style. Attention to detail is emphasized by the embroidered strap edges.


“I believe art is the language of the soul, and through my collaboration with Reservoir and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, I’ve found a way to express my art As an autistic savant artist, I embrace the beauty of the world through my unique lens, and in creating the dial of this watch, I hope to share a glimpse of my inner universe with the world.” Abdulla Lutfi


“We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Reservoir created in partnership with the incredibly talented Abdulla Lutfi.  The style of this limited edition represents a beautiful balance of whimsical artistry and refined craftsmanship.” Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Chief Commercial Officer, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.


“I am very proud of our collaboration with Abdulla Lutfi and Seddiqi & Sons with this limited edition. Abdulla is a very gifted and inspired artist with a huge talent and powerful vision. This special watch serie embeds his incredible unique style inspired by the Emirates lifestyle and culture. Is it an honor to develop this creation with Seddiqi & Sons who have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic about this collaboration.” François Moreau, Founder & CEO, RESERVOIR watch.


The reverse side offers an enthralling view of the watch’s inner mechanics through the exposed movement, displaying gears and components in the brushed stainless-steel case. The playful character on the watch face seamlessly extends to the back, adding whimsy to its technological facets. Each piece is engraved with “1 of 25,” signifying its limited-edition status. The accompanying box features a delightful urban skyline illustration, the figure dancing with glee, the signature “Abdullah Lutfi,” and the “Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons” stamp. An extra touch is the special embroidery inside the box, showcasing an original Abdullah Lutfi drawing.

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