Reservoir x The lavish Attic Event

Luxury Media RESERVOIR watch in light grey, very dark grey and dark olive brown tones.

Reservoir presents its 2022 novelties at the Peninsula Hotel in Honk Kong

Reservoir move to the Lavish Loft at the Hong Kong Peninsula

As part of the launch of its new 2022 watches, RESERVOIR was pleased to set up at the Lavish Loft boutique of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong this month, where the brand organised an exclusive event in partnership with the Asian distributor “The Lavish Attic”. The Lavish Attic is a leading retailer of luxury jewelry and watches in Asia and a long-standing partner of RESERVOIR, promoting the business development of young and innovative brands across the region.

Luxury Media RESERVOIR watch in light, dark, and black grey.

The distributor’s vision is fully in line with RESERVOIR’s, whose primary objective is to offer a new approach to watchmaking by combining an original design, an innovative concept and artisanal know-how. Three essential characteristics that constitute the DNA and essence of the RESERVOIR brand.

Reservoir offers an exclusive event for the launch of its novelties in Asia

From the 2nd to the 4th of August 2022, RESERVOIR welcomed its VIP clients and the entire Asian press to the prestigious Peninsula. Journalists, influencers and watches enthusiasts were gathered to try on and handle the new RESERVOIR models presented earlier this year at the Time To Watches exhibition in Geneva.

For this launch, the Lavish Loft – the shop where the event took place – was designed down to the last detail. The walls were decorated in RESERVOIR’s colours, and the display cases showed all the brand’s models and collections. Visitors had the pleasure of discovering the worlds from which RESERVOIR draws its inspiration for the design of its watches. Aeronautics, the navy and the automobile are all areas that characterise the brand, but also more recently music and the world of comics. The Sonomaster Chronograph – whose design is reminiscent of vintage VU-meters – and the RESERVOIR Blake & Mortimer “By Jove!!!” watch, inspired by the adventures of the two English heroes, complete the other RESERVOIR ranges and breathe new life into the horology market. As every year, RESERVOIR proves its ability to reinvent itself through disruptive creations, meticulously thought out.

Luxurious media RESERVOIR watch with light lavender, dark black, and dark burgundy colours.

Already established in Asia, RESERVOIR aims to develop its reputation and its commercial presence across the country to reveal its creation. It is thanks to the support of distributors such as The Lavish Attic that the brand is progressively establishing itself on the watch market over time.

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Media Editorial RESERVOIR Watch - Luxury Timepiece in Jet Black, Light Grey & Steel Grey


Media editorial of luxury RESERVOIR watch in shades of dark charcoal, light grey and medium grey.


visuels montres - Airfight


Media: Luxury RESERVOIR watch with light grey, very dark grey and dark brown colour scheme.


Media RESERVOIR watch editorial in luxury colours of dark olive green, light grey, and light mint green.


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