The RESERVOIR x BLAKE & MORTIMER pop-up store opens its doors at the Printemps Haussmann

Luxury Media RESERVOIR watch with light beige, dark charcoal, and dark rust red colors.

RESERVOIR will be at Printemps Haussmann this summer to unveil its new 2022 products and its very much awaited iconic timepiece: the Blake & Mortimer “By Jove!!!” watch.

After several months of waiting, it is finally here, the RESERVOIR x Blake & Mortimer “By Jove!!!” is coming to Printemps Haussmann, on the first floor of the Women’s Building, on the walkway of the Luxury Accessories section. The RESERVOIR’s Pop-Up store invites you to discover the different universes that characterize the brand RESERVOIR and that drive the adventurous stories of the Blake & Mortimer comic strip.

Luxury Media Editorial Reservoir Watch in Light Lavender, Dark Navy Blue, and Dark Charcoal Grey

Aviation, Automobile and the Marine world are as much sources of inspiration and references for RESERVOIR as for Blake & Mortimer. The symbols of these universes can be found in the design of the RESERVOIR watches as well as in the scenes of the comic book. Strolling through the Pop-Up showcases, you will immediatly be immersed into the heart of the action, moving through visuals of aerial combat or car chases. The Blake & Mortimer characters themselves will accompany you on this timeless journey, thanks to the 2D cut-outs of their silhouettes arranged along the walkway. The RESERVOIR x Blake & Mortimer “By Jove!!!” watch is displayed alongside Blake & Mortimer collector figurines specially loaned by DARGAUD, publisher of the Blake & Mortimer comic strip, for the Pop-Up Store’s inauguration. In addition to the Blake & Mortimer novelty, all the RESERVOIR collections and the new products presented this year at Time To Watches, in particular the new Sonomaster Chronograph and the Kanister Silver, will be on display in the Pop-Up Store.

Media of Luxury RESERVOIR Watch in Light Peach, Dark Charcoal, and Dark Terracotta.

Following the opening of the Pop-Up, RESERVOIR was pleased to organise an evening dedicated exclusively to the presentation of its new Blake & Mortimer watch on the evening of June 15th. It was in a 100% British setting at the Duke’s bar of the Westminster Hotel that RESERVOIR inaugurated this launch. This choice is not insignificant since the Duke’s bar warm atmosphere is reminiscent of the Centaur Club, the famous club where the Blake & Mortimer characters regularly meet.

The watch RESERVOIR x BLAKE & MORTIMER “By Jove!!!”

Anniversary watch commemorating the 75th anniversary of the inaugural adventure of “Blake and Mortimer”, the first graphic novel designed and scripted by Edgar P. Jacobs: “The secret of the swordfish”. First piece of the collaboration between RESERVOIR and DARGAUD, publisher of the Blake and Mortimer series, the RESERVOIR Blake and Mortimer “By Jove !!!” takes up the graphic universe of Edgar P. Jacobs down to the smallest detail. It is Francis Blake who indicates the minutes with his arm, the hour and minute digits using the lettering of the comic strip.

Comics of Blake et Mortimer in dark brown, light orange, and light teal.

Equipped with the same mechanical caliber as the other RESERVOIR collections, the watch is distinguished by the absence of an indication of the power reserve at the bottom of the dial to leave more room for the design. Two characters in action in a composition as emblematic as it is dynamic, completed by a bubble using Mortimer’s favorite expression: “By Jove!!! The digits for the minutes and hours also reflect the handwriting of the albums.

Blake & Mortimer comics in dark brown, light peach, and light olive green.

It is produced in high quality serigraphy; the characters stand out as if in relief on the dial. The 316 L steel case with brushed finishes with a diameter of 41.5 mm for total comfort when worn, reinforces the vintage look of the piece, mounted on a black leather strap fitted with a folding clasp. The case back is engraved with a design of the swordfish and the words “So British since 1946”. The box is borrowed from the Longbridge, RESERVOIR’s most vintage collection.

Blake and Mortimer comics in dark black, light greyish beige, and light greyish blue.

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Media RESERVOIR watch editorial in luxurious dark brown, light beige, and light grey tones.
Media RESERVOIR watch editorial in luxurious dark brown, light beige, and light grey tones.
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Media Editorial RESERVOIR Watch - Luxury Timepiece in Jet Black, Light Grey & Steel Grey


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Media: Luxury RESERVOIR watch with light grey, very dark grey and dark brown colour scheme.


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