Meet RESERVOIR at the SIAR, the watchmaking fair in Mexico

Media editorial of luxury RESERVOIR watch in dark navy, light mauve, and light teal.

A key event in the watch industry


From Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th October 2022, the 16th edition of the SIAR (International Fine Watchmaking Exhibition) will take place in the prestigious Hotel Saint Regis, located in downtown Mexico City, Mexico. The SIAR is recognized as one of the largest annual watchmaking fairs in the world and is a key event in the horology sector in Latin America.


Since its creation in October 2007 in Mexico City, the SIAR has brought together 130 premium and high-end watch brands, and last year 52 brands attended. Each year, the show has built its reputation by bringing together more and more participants and a large community of watchmaking experts, with a total of 50,000 visitors since its first edition. The SIAR is an opportunity for watch brands and their intermediaries to discuss all issues related to the watchmaking industry. It is above all a meeting place and a place for development, highlighting innovation, creativity and disruption with a panel of more than 1,000 watch models on display. Watch enthusiasts, amateurs, renowned brands, distributors, collectors, influencers, journalists, influential personalities of the watchmaking world and designers will be attending this new edition of the SIAR 2022.


The SIAR is also an opportunity for young, independent and cutting-edge luxury watch brands to make themselves known to a specific audience and to reveal their watchmaking expertise and iconic timepieces to the international market. Indeed, about 50% of the brands exhibiting at the SIAR are independent and intend to take advantage of the emergence of the Mexican watch market’s growth and the show’s reputation to increase their visibility.


Participants will be able to attend numerous discussions on current watchmaking themes and trends and about the industry’s new technological innovations. Talks will be organized in the form of round tables, conferences or presentations and will help you discover the secrets of the art of watchmaking and the various wheels that shape the market.


RESERVOIR unveils its new watches at the Siar in Mexico


RESERVOIR will have the immense privilege and pleasure of exhibiting its entire collection at this year’s SIAR representation and its new models, freshly unveiled in October 2022. The brand will present its new HYDROSPHERE Cenote watch in Bronze, inspired by the natural wells of water and light commonly known as “Cenote” and found mainly in Mexico. This new watch is a tribute to the hidden treasures that nature and our planet can harbor. It takes the design and functionality from diving manometers and redefines the aesthetic codes of the diving watch with its innovative design.


The second novelty presented this year by RESERVOIR is a new version of its Sonomaster Chronograph, the first model of which was unveiled in March 2022 at the Time To Watches fair. This time, the Chronograph Sonomaster novelty is dressed in a new 316L stainless steel case for an ultra-sporty look. The design of the watch is inspired by the measuring instruments widely used in the world of sound or Hi-Fi and the two retrograde hands on the dial faithfully reproduce the hands of the power measurements or VU meters of analog stereo amplifiers. The Sonomaster collection completes the ranges offered by RESERVOIR with a new universe of inspiration: music.


Beyond music, RESERVOIR watches are inspired by singular universes such as the automobile, aviation, marine and comic strip worlds, by reflecting the functionality and aesthetic appeal of counters, manometers and gauges. RESERVOIR watches echo an era in which these precision instruments, easy to read and accurate to act, were at the service of mankind. A time when the pulse quickened, and adrenaline coursed through the driver’s or pilot’s veins as he embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance. A RESERVOIR watch on the wrist tells these stories that embody fundamental truths that stir the spirit, characterized by an intensity of feeling and self-affirmation.


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