“I yam whats I yam and dats all whats I am,” and that’s Popeye the Sailor Man! Introducing the latest comic-driven timepiece from the Franco-Swiss watchmaker Reservoir in the new Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye watch. Produced in collaboration between Reservoir and LabelNoir and featuring the famed cartoon character Popeye, this new limited edition brings a nostalgic icon to the wrist in sleek fashion. The timepiece embodies the ready-for-anything attitude of Popeye with the bold spirit of Reservoir and unexpected creativity of LabelNoir, resulting in true comic novelty that’s as strong in design as Popeye’s very own anchor arms. “AAAHuuUUH GUhGuhGuhGuh !”

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  • Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye

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