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Last updated: February 2017.


In conformity with the provisions set out in Article 6 III-1 of the Act n° 2004-575 of 21st June 2004 relating to confidence in the digital economy, you are hereby informed that:

– This site (the ‘Site’) is published by: RESERVOIR Watch SAS, a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) with a share capital of 55 558 Euros, registered at the Trade & Companies Registry of Paris under number 821 693 520 RCS Paris and with the intra-community VAT number FR75821693520, headquartered at 138 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris. The contact email is:

– The Site Publication Director is: François Moreau

– The design, creation, publication, usage and storage – both direct and indirect, of this site is undertaken by the aforementioned company RESERVOIR Watch SAS. The host for the site is: OVH. Users of the site may contact the web developer by email at this address:


In conformity with the provisions set out in the modified Act n°78-17 of 06 January 1978 relating to computer data, files and freedoms, the computerised handling of data related to individuals using information taken from this site has been the subject of a declaration to the French Data Protection Authority the ‘Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés’ (CNIL) under number 2098652.

The company RESERVOIR Watch SAS is responsible for handling personal data. The user’s attention is drawn to the fact that – in conformity with Article 32 of the modified Act n°78-17 of 06 January 1978 relating to computer data, files and freedoms – all information that the user may communicate on the site is exclusively for the use of the operator of this website and/or another company in the group to which it belongs, and is to be used for promotional, commercial and administrative purposes (the evaluation of the website’s functioning and the users’ needs). This information relating to individuals will not be sold on or communicated to any third party, apart from companies in the group that belong to the operator of this website and service providers used by RESERVOIR Watch SAS.

Recipients of the user’s personal data are, where applicable, providers of services related to payment methods and to payment securitisation as well as delivery service providers and commercial partners of RESERVOIR Watch SAS. Where the user’s consent is required by law, then this consent will be obtained, or its denial by the user will be incorporated prior to the transmission of any data.

Users may refuse to allow this transmission of data in the conditions set out below. The user has the right to access, modify, correct and withdraw data relating to the user and may do so by writing to the website operator at the following address: RESERVOIR Watch SAS 5 Villa Mozart -75016 PARIS, France,

Users of this site are expected to abide by the provisions set out in the modified Act °78-17 of 06 January 1978 relating to computer data, files and freedoms. Any breach of this Act may result in criminal sanctions being imposed. Among other things users must – where it concerns data relating to individuals that they may collect – refrain from inappropriate use and in general refrain from doing anything that is likely to infringe on the persons’ private life or reputation.


The user is hereby informed that during visits to the website, a cookie may be automatically installed on the user’s browser software. The cookie is a data element that does not enable the identification of the user, and is a way of recording information relating to the user’s browsing of the internet site in such a way as to enable or facilitate this browsing. The use of cookies – either those exclusive to the site or third party cookies – that are not necessary to the functioning of the site require the express consent of the user. The user may indicate their consent or refuse the use of cookies by configuring their connection device in the appropriate manner. The user may deactivate this cookie via their browser software parameters. In order to do this, users should consult the browser user guidelines. The user has the right to access, correct and withdraw personal data that has been communicated via cookies under the conditions set out above.


Information given on this website is for information purposes. The operator of this site cannot guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness and relevance of the information given on the site. The user therefore recognises that the information made use of on this site is the exclusive responsibility of the user. The operator of this site will do everything in its power to ensure, to the best of their ability, that the information given on this site is accurate and up to date. The operator reserves the right to correct the content at any time and without prior warning. The operator of this website may not be held responsible for any inaccurate or wrongful information nor for any omission in relation to the information available on the site. The operator of this site may not be held responsible for any damages that may be the result of any fraudulent intrusion by a third party that has resulted in a change to the information made available on the site, and more widely any direct or indirect damages – whatever the causes, origins, nature or consequences – arising as a result of access by anybody to the site or by the inability to access the site, likewise the usage of the site and/or any credit granted to any information emanating directly or indirectly from this this.


The ‘RESERVOIR’ brand and other brands relating to the operator of this site, its companies in the group and its business partners as well as logos shown on the site are brands (whether semi-figurative or not) are patented trademarks.

Any total or partial reproduction of these brands or of these logos carried out using elements of the site without the express authorisation of the website operator is therefore prohibited in the sense conveyed by Article L. 713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The overall structure of the site as well as software, text, images (animated or not), sound, expertise and all other elements that make up the site are the exclusive property of the website’s operator. Any partial or total reproduction of the site by any company whatsoever without the express authorisation of the site’s operator is forbidden and would be an infringement, whose penalties are covered in Articles L.335-2 and subsequent texts of the French Intellectual Property Code. The same goes for any translation, adaptation, transformation or arrangement of this site using any technique or procedure whatsoever. The same goes for any database that is shown, where applicable, on this website that is protected by the provisions of the Act of 01 July 1998 relating to transposition as set in the Intellectual Property Code of the European Directive of 11 March 1996 relating to the legal protection of databases. To this end, all reproduction or extraction will be under the liability of the user.

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