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Buying a RESERVOIR Watch

  • Where can I buy a RESERVOIR watch?

    The RESERVOIR watch collections are available either in stores via a network of partner distributors or on their merchant website, or on RESERVOIR official online store
    We strongly recommend that you purchase your RESERVOIR watch through a physical store or official online.
    Only watches distributed by our authorized distributors are guaranteed to be genuine. Any watch purchased outside this network will not be covered by the international warranty.

  • How can I be sure I am buying a genuine RESERVOIR watch?

    All RESERVOIR watches sold on our official website and at our authorized retailers are authentic.
    Each RESERVOIR watch carries a unique serial number engraved on the case back : the combination of this serial number with the reference number allow the authentification of the watch.


  • What is an automatic movement?

    An automatic movement, often referred as “self-winding” is a mechanical watch movement that is wound by the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. An oscillating weight (rotor) pivots freely around a spindle, and each movement of the wrist helps to wind the mainspring (energy source),and automatically charging the power reserve.

    If the timepiece is worn every day, the owner will not have to wind the watch by-hand to keep it operational and accurate.

    An automatic movement is the ultimate example of Swiss watchmaking expertise and tradition.

  • What is the value of RESERVOIR watches?

    RESERVOIR watches are handmade in Switzerland at La Chaux-deFonds, in compliance with traditional craftsmanship and “Swiss made” label.

    All RESERVOIR watches feature three watchmaking complications : a retrograde minute hand, a jumping hour and a 37-hours power reserve.
    In order to fine-tune the precision mechanism so that the three complications on the timepieces can be displayed, a 124-components proprietary watchmaking module has, to this end, been specially drawn up and patented. The module is powered by a Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 movement, widely acclaimed for its reliability and precision, oscillating at 28,800 alt./h.

    All models are granted with an international warranty of 3 years.

  • Where can I find serial number for my RESERVOIR watch ?

    The serial number of your RESERVOIR watch is engraved on the case back at the 6 o’clock end.

  • What is the power reserve for a self-winding mechanical RESERVOIR watch and how does it work?

    The power reserve indicates the functioning time of a mechanical movement without it needing to be rewound. When it is worn, the watch winds itself constantly thanks to a self-winding, or automatic movement.

    You can see the level of the power reserve thanks to the hand on the power reserve indicator. The horizontal line in the last zone of the power reserve indicator shows the power reserve is exhausted, and the watch may lose its precision . In that case, we recommend you wind the watch manually for around 15 rotations of the crown (clockwise) to ensure the best possible rate from the outset.

    The power reserve indicator can be found on all the RESERVOIR watches and last 35 hours. The design is inspired by vintage gauges.

  • Where does the luminosity of my RESERVOIR watch's dial and hands come from?

    The luminosity of RESERVOIR watch’s dial and hands come from Super-LumiNova treatment. Only some watch models are equipped with this treatment, as for example the HYDROSPHERE collection.

    The Super-LumiNova material is a luminous paste composed of strontium aluminate that allows to store the luminosity from daylight or any artificial source of light and then reflect it when immersed in darkness. This treatment allows a better readability in the dark or underwater.

    The Super-LumiNova does not degrade over time, but the intensity and duration of the luminosity may vary depending the time of exposure to the source of light.

My strap

  • How can I have my strap changed?

    RESERVOIR offers standard-sized straps that fit the majority of people :
    – 125/75mm with 22/20mm width, suitable for 43mm watch cases
    – 115/75mm with 20/18mm width suitable for 39 or 41.5mm watch cases
    Our stainless steel strap can be resized by a any specialist to suit most wrists.
    Each one of our authorized retailers will adjusted your steel bracelet for you.

    For the HYDROSPHERE collection, each stainless steel strap features an extension system to allow wearing the watch over a diving suit.

    Thanks to our quick-release spring bars mechanism, changing a RESERVOIR strap is super easy.

International Warranty

  • Is my RESERVOIR watch covered under warranty? How long does the warranty last?

    All RESERVOIR watches are covered by an international warranty valid for two years after purchase starting from the purchase date written on the warranty card.
    To be valid, this card must have been completed and signed by an official retailer.

    Registration of your watch on our website allows you to benefit from a one-year warranty extension, from the end of the initial warranty period. All intervention on the watch outside of our network of certified service centres results in a cancellation of this warranty.

  • Is the warranty extended after a service or repair ?

    In case your RESERVOIR watch is no longer under warranty, and you send it to be serviced our repaired, one year additional warranty is offered.

    In this case you are welcome to send or drop of your watch directly at any authorized RESERVOIR retailer.

    If you do not have a authorized retailer near you, you can return your watch directly to RESERVOIR.
    The watch must be packed carefully in a cardboard box and protected by bubble wrap, to which you must add the return voucher and, if possible, a proof of purchase.

    If you want to follow up on the service of your watch, please contact us at :

Delivery and return

  • Where is my order? Have you received my returned RESERVOIR item?

    Once the order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email from RESERVOIR. The delivery time of a purchase may vary depending on the location of the delivery address. As a general rule, it takes between 1 and 3 working days after confirmation of the order for delivery in France, and 3 to 5 days for delivery outside France.
    The carrier responsible for shipping and delivery will then notify you, and give you a tracking number, when your order reaches them. The carrier will attempt up to 3 deliveries (in the recipient’s hand and with his signature). The order will be returned to our warehouse on the third failed attempt.

    If you are not completely satisfied with the product you have purchased, RESERVOIR offers you the option of exchanging or returning the item by returning it to us within 30 days of receiving the product.
    We will contact you as soon as we receive your watch or your RESERVOIR item. In general, returns will be validated within 7 working days of their delivery to our warehouse.

    If you have any questions regarding your order or the returned item, please contact us at:

  • How do I return a watch to you?

    Reservoir is committed to providing its customer with high standards products. Should you not be entirely satisfied by the product you have purchased, Reservoir provides you with the option to exchange or return the item by sending it back to us within 30 days from the moment the product is received.
    To return your watch, please contact at :

    An article purchased on our Reservoir website will not be exchangeable or returnable in third party retailers.

    Products will need to be returned at the customer´s cost in their original state and packaging, along with a copy of the issued invoice. Any article worn, damaged or with missing parts will not be accepted and will be returned back to the customer at their cost. Parcels which are not identified can also be sent back to the sender. In order to avoid any of the risks surrounding the return of a product, we recommend using a tracked and signed for shipping method.

    In general, returns will be validated within 7 working days following their delivery in our warehouse. Once your return is approved, we will endeavor to create a refund request and send you a confirmation email as soon as possible. The delay which follows until the refund is processed onto your card will depend on the company which provides said card.

Care and maintenance

  • How often do you recommend having a maintenance service carried out on a RESERVOIR watch?

    If your RESERVOIR watch needs to be serviced you are welcome to send or drop of your watch directly at any authorized RESERVOIR retailer.

    If you do not have a authorized retailer close to you, you can return your watch directly to RESERVOIR.
    The watch must be packed carefully in a cardboard box and protected by bubble wrap, to which you must add the return voucher and, if possible, the warranty card and a proof of purchase.

    If you want to follow up on the service of your watch, please contact us at :

  • Where do I find the service prices?

    Once your watch is brought to a certified service center, a specialized watchmaker will analyze it and an initial assessment of the cost of repair will be communicated to the watch owner.
    – If you do not accept it, your watch will be returned.
    – If you accept it, the service or the repair can start.
    – If more costs arise during the intervention due to problems that were not detected during the diagnostic, these additional costs will be communicated to the watch owner before the service center pursues its intervention on your watch.

  • How can I be sure that my RESERVOIR watch is working properly?

    All RESERVOIR watches are water resistant up to 5 bar/ ATM (50 meters), and 25 bar/ATM (250 meters) for the HYDOSPHERE collection. While weraing your watch, make sure the crown is well screwed down at all time and especially before using it underwater. Do not handle the crown underwater.

    Water resistance might be affected by inappropriate usage of the watch, accidental shocks, temperature shocks or cosmetics.

    If condensation appears under the sapphire crystal, it is recommended to bring your watch to a certified RESERVOIR retailer to repair it.

  • How should I care for my watch when I’m not wearing it?

    When you don’t use your RESERVOIR watch, you can store it in its case.

    However, it is never good to leave a watch in its case for a long time without using it, because it can dry the oils and therefore disturb the internal mechanism.

    It is therefore preferable when you are not wearing your watch, to use a watch winder. A watch winder will rotate the watch on itself, so as to mimic the movement of a wrist, in order to drive the internal rotor that keeps the watch on time.

    No matter where you want to store your watch, the place must not be too wet (bathroom avoided) or too dry.

  • Are RESERVOIR watches shock-resistant?

    All are watches are Swiss Made and are manufactured with the greatest attention that make it shock resistant for eveyday usages.

    The movement of your RESERVOIR watch is a high quality mechanism that requires to be preserved from :
    – extreme temperatures (+60 °, 0 ° C)
    – thermic chocks (ex: hot springs, hot showers, saunas, hammams…)
    – brutal shocks (extreme sports, tennis, golf…).
    All damages resulting form an inappropriate use of the watch will not be covered by the warranty.

  • Can I use my RESERVOIR watch when doing sports?

    All RESERVOIR watches are Swiss Made and are manufactured with the greatest attention that make them shock resistant for eveyday usages. It is not recommended for intensive sports, especially golf and tennis.
    The HYDROSPHERE watch is specifically designed for diving sports.

  • What precautions should I take when setting the date?

    This position allows setting the date by winding the crown upwards only. If you rotate it the other way, the date won’t change.
    To preserve the watch’s mechanism, the automatic change of the date does not operate simultaneously when the retrograde minute jumps from 11:59pm to 0:00am. The date change happens between 12:00 am and 01:00 am.
    Please avoid changing the date between 9pm and 2am.

  • Can you remove scratches from my RESERVOIR watch?

    Erasing scratches from a watch requires highly skilled craftsmen and also depends on the finish of the model and the depth of the scratches.

    Each one of our authorized retailers can examine your watch and define if the scratches can be removed.

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