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Accueil » Retrograde minute, a surprising pulse

Succumb to adrenaline and shoot a glance at the minute hand. The movement of the retrograde minute hand recalls the beat of the heart just before action.

This watch movement appeared towards the end of the 17th century. After moderate use during the 18th century, the retrograde watch mechanisms began to take off. Then the retrograde minute hand could be seen again on the bracelet watches starting at the end of the 20th century.

On a small face, the hand goes through a ceaseless ballet. In the direction of the watch’s hands, it counts the minutes by moving in a graduated arc from 0 to 60. At the end of its path, it immediately jumps back to its starting position and begins its choreography over again.

This perpetual jumping of a retrograde watch requires extremely precise design and fabrication on the part of the master watchmakers.

Hypnotic, pulsating, the retrograde minute hand is a luxurious and complex mechanism made up of quality manufactured cogs, pawls and springs.

retrograde minute watch movementThe RESERVOIR collections reserve the retrograde display for the minute hand. A testament to the rhythm of time, each model gives the retrograde minute hand a powerful spatial intensity on the watch face.

The retrograde display can nevertheless be used for other indications such as the hour or the date. Certain manufacturers sometimes offer a reverse-direction movement of the hands on the watch.

This clock complication is often presented along with a jumping hour. Its unique hand elegantly plays alongside the tranquillity of the aperture display. The watch movement hand is used to create original, stunning watch faces. A combination that endlessly attracts luxury watch collectors.

The RESERVOIR fighter pilot watches are inspired by cockpit instruments. That’s why the faces from the AIRFIGHT collection offer a 240° retrograde minute hand. A perfect position, an ultra precise viewing angle for conquering space, mastering time… in a heartbeat.

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