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Native of Nice on the French Riviera, Greg Lecoeur, underwater photographer and naturalist, has a love for the marine environment and the animal world since his childhood. After business school, he started working in the family business before starting his own business. Entrepreneur in the soul, his success is effective. When he does not work, he dives. Greg invests in scuba diving equipment, chases dive levels and discovers underwater photography.


Scuba diving, a devouring passion


Soon enough, he buys a boat to explore the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. and will photograph the marine universe. His invading passion pushes him to let go to fully live his art. With his diving instructor certificate in his pocket, he sells his company and leaves a comfortable life. Greg begins his world tour of the Galapagos Islands to British Columbia and brings back extraordinary photos of underwater life. He exhibits his photographs on many supports and in recognized dive magazines.
Greg Lecoeur is the winner of prestigious awards, including National Geographic’s title of Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 for his shots of the annual sardine migration, the “Sardine Run” off South Africa. Beyond exploration, he seeks to capture emotions and interactions with animals. Very committed to defending the underwater environment, he also wants to encourage its protection and raise awareness of the fragility of our ecosystem and the preservation of biodiversity.


Reservoir x Greg Lecoeur discovering the Antarctica continent


Greg Lecoeur, with 2 other adventurers, went to explore the Antarctic continent aboard a sailboat to share the image of the fragility of the frozen world and its fauna. Antarctica, although uninhabited by humans, is the first observatory in the world of real climate change. During the last 5 years, the melting of the ice cap has accelerated and has become alarming. Icebergs and ice patches released by glaciers disappear with currents and pose a threat to biodiversity. Its high biodiversity is endangered by the loss of this fragile balance. This leads to the disappearance of certain animal species.


Greg goes to meet these species to transmit to the younger generations knowledge and allow them to understand this place which is the indicator of the health of our planet. He will meet emperor penguins and leopard seals, species that are at the base of the food chain.


Reservoir, partner of the Antarctica mission


RESERVOIR is one of the brands that supports Greg on his missions.
“I’m excited about becoming a brand ambassador for Reservoir watches. Our partnership was born out of our shared passion and enthusiasm in both of our respective fields — myself bringing to life the beauty and fragility of our deep blue eco-system through the lens of my camera and Reservoir’s innovative way of showing us the measurement of time beautifully with their unique dial and movement designs. I love how the Reservoir Hydrosphere resembles a scuba diving pressure gauge and find the helium valve and superluminova extremely helpful, which I use regularly for my dives.” – Greg Lecoeur

Greg Lecoeur in Antartica mission with Reservoir watch

During his explorations, he is equipped with a watch of the marine universe inspired by diving pressure gauges. We have 3 diving watches in the HYDROSPHERE collection integrating the 3 complications inherent to RESERVOIR: the jumping hour, the retrograde minute and the power reserve. The watch is waterproof up to 250 meters and is equipped with a helium valve. With its original aesthetics, it is the pillars of a successful immersion: security, functionality and confidence.


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