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Accueil » Power reserve, an essential movement

Catch your breath and recharge your batteries to take on new challenges. Take advantage of power reserve, gather up energy and move forward.

Power reserve is a watch complication that displays a watch’s operational autonomy. Through graduated measurement, it shows the time remaining before the watch stops working. This graduated measurement can be numerical with a hand serving as the power display. It can also take the form of a colorimetric graduated measurement for a beautiful effect.

Whatever its appearance, the power reserve of a watch measures the amount of accumulated and spent energy. This movement is essential and its utility is undeniable.

Where does this energy come from? When the watch is rewound, a spiral spring constricts. This tension generates an energy reserve stored in the spring. The energy is then released gradually allowing the watch to function over a certain amount of time. This watch complication displays this amount of time remaining before the watch stops. It is generally from forty hours to thirty days depending on the model.

Power reserve is found in high-quality watches with manual and automatic mechanical rewinding. Sometimes hidden on the back of the casing, it enriches the design of contemporary faces on exceptional hour-hand watches.

Tiefenmesser reserve de marche

The pressure gauges, depth gauges and power gauges of underwater equipment inspire the TIEFFENMESSER RESERVOIR collection. This watch complication is displayed as a dark red or yellow mechanical gauge display. The power reserve is to these submersible watches what the diving watch bezel is to divers so they can measure the amount of remaining oxygen.

Exploration, conquest, passion, intensity… the energy is a vital pulse that governs each intention and movement. A power reserve, a RESERVOIR of possibilities.

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