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The production of the film 6 Underground was looking for a new watch brand with an original design and naturally turned to Reservoir

According to Netflix the second most expensive film on the second most expensive film on the platform at 150 Million (via THR), Michael Bay’s new action film 83 million member households watched 6 Underground in its first four weeks of release. Corey Hawkins, who plays the character (Seven), wore a Reservoir SUPERCHARGED in the scene where he and Ryan Reynolds posing as high-end company security consultants enter a facility where after many conversations with facility manager, they gain access to the mainframe of the facility.

film 6 underground avec reservoir watch

The Supercharged, an original watch dial showcased in the cinema

«When the time came to fit Cory Hawkins with a watch for his turn as a spy posing as a security consultant in Michael Bay’s 6 Underground, I went to my go-to Luxury Product Placement Firm provider Jeffrey Karinja at Primary Action. He showed me a new watch line called Reservoir, a beautiful luxury Swiss-made watch.

He explained to me the single hand time movement with dials that look like automobile and marine speedometers, pressure gages, aeronautical themes, etc. Hours are indicated in an aperture in the lower part of the dial, which actually «jumps» when the minute hand strikes 60. The minutes are read in a display that stretches around the upper two-thirds of the dial, just a great look. Michael Bay is hard to Impress when it comes to watches, and Reservoir fits the bill». Guillaume De Louche, Prop Master-6 Underground

The Director Michael Bay enjoyed the look of the Reservoir watch so much he selected a SuperCharged Sport watch for himself.

«Thank you very much for your support of our production of «6 Under-ground». Michael Bay, Director – 6 Underground.

A shared passion for measuring instruments

The film story is not unlike the objective and brief history of Reservoir; each are the most skillful at what they do and to accomplish their mission. Each is Bold, Determined, and Authentic.

Passionate by watchmaking and fascinated by vintage measuring instruments since his childhood, François Moreau created RESERVOIR as a tribute to these legendary racing drivers, to these pioneers of the aerospace conquest and to all those heroes determined to push the limits of their time.


A collection of watches with an unusual original design

The collection showcases all the elegance of the materials and finishing’s so dear to cars in days gone by. The polished steel of the cases and the leather of the straps underpin what is the SUPERCHARGED style, recalling the chrome and velvet trimmings of the seat and the steering wheel, and even the thick leather driving gloves. All models have an irresistible and palpable charm with their time apertures.

The RESERVOIR has an intensity of feeling and self-affirmation. The single hand of the RESERVOIR dial jumps back every 60 minutes, mirroring the significance of an hour has passed, and reaches out to invite you to seize the opportunities presented by the hour still to come. The RESERVOIR is an audacious timepiece with a radical time display. It is innovative for the way each wearer gets to experience every minute precisely and accurately—the Luxury of Intensity: when everything is possible Humankind.

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