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The Blake et mortimer “By Jove” watch, the first RESERVOIR collaboration in the world of comics

In the heart of Asia on September 26, 1946, Colonel Olrik is preparing to lead an armada of bombers to set the capitals of the free world ablaze… “By Jove !!!”, in England, Captain Francis Blake and Professor Philip Mortimer are determined to lead the resistance!

le secret de l espadon T1 - black et mortimer

First piece of the collaboration between RESERVOIR and DARGAUD, publisher of the Blake and Mortimer series, the RESERVOIR Blake and Mortimer “By Jove !!!” takes up the graphic universe of Edgar P. Jacobs down to the smallest detail. It is Francis Blake who indicates the minutes with his arm, the hour and minute digits using the lettering of the comic strip.

A comic with over 15 million copies sold

On September 26, 2021, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the appearance of the characters Blake and Mortimer. It was September 26, 1946, in the first issue of the weekly Tintin. Even if the success is immediate, neither the young readers, nor the author, a close collaborator of Hergé, Edgar P. Jacobs, imagine only the two characters – Francis Blake, the handsome officer with the physique of a young pioneer, and Philip Mortimer, the iconoclastic scholar with the red beard -, will become cult and their adventures will continue to fascinate young and old for decades.

secret espadon - black et mortimer - dessin personnages

They will sell nearly 15 million copies. In 1987, the two heroes will even outlive their inventor, thanks to the talents of big names in the genre: Yves Sente, André Juillard, Peter van Dongen, Ted Benoit, Jean Van Hamme … The one Hergé nicknamed “the watchmaker craftsman” as Yves Schlirf, director of the Blake and Mortimer editions, reminds us, “because of his love for perfection and precision”, would certainly be honored with the nod to history: the creation for the 75th anniversary of his heroes of ‘a watch with their effigy by RESERVOIR.

portrait edgar-p jacobs - annniversaire 75 ans black et mortimer

“Blake and Mortimer are” old-fashioned “heroes: they throw themselves headlong into the adventure to save the world” specifies François Moreau (Founder and CEO RESERVOIR) who has a particular fondness for these two heroes whose adventures fascinated him since his childhood. The spirit of adventure of Blake and Mortimer, their daring, their determination, their selflessness too, made them his true heroes. A passion nourished by the graphic universe of Jacobs whose features were admired by the great Hergé himself, who even jealous him a little, while being his friend ?! A trait of rare elegance and accuracy of which Francis Blake is obviously the best example, but no secondary character is overlooked. Edgar P. Jacobs has been in fashion design and he knows what style means.

Blake’s arm indicates the passing of time

On the first RESERVOIR watch, the dial of which it shares with Mortimer, it is with a very distinguished movement of the arm that it indicates the minutes. Blake’s arm indicates the passing of time, while at his feet, in a window, the hours pass. Equipped with the same mechanical caliber as the other RESERVOIR collections, the watch is distinguished by the absence of an indication of the power reserve at the bottom of the dial in order to leave more room for the design. Two characters in action in a composition as emblematic as it is dynamic, completed by a bubble using Mortimer’s favorite expression: “By Jove !!! The digits for the minutes and hours also reflect the handwriting of the albums. It is produced in high quality serigraphy, the characters stand out as if in relief on the dial.

New Blake and Mortimer watch

The 316 L steel case with brushed finishes with a diameter of 41.5 mm for total comfort when worn, reinforces the vintage look of the piece, mounted on a black leather strap fitted with a folding clasp. The caseback is engraved with a design of the swordfish and the words “So British since 1946”. The box is borrowed from the Longbridge, RESERVOIR’s most vintage collection. A box that is used by the house for its prestigious Longbridge Rose Gold (18k rose gold) and Nightfall (palladium) collections.

“By Jove”, An anniversary watch to celebrate B&M 75 years

The RESERVOIR Blake and Mortimer “By Jove!!!” will be available to on September 26, for deliveries from November 19, 2021, which is the release date of the last opus of the adventures of our two heroes “The Last Swordfish”.

logo anniversaire black et mortimer 75 ans

On this date, RESERVOIR will be offering an exceptional limited series of 75 pieces featuring a drawing of the mysterious flying machine… For François-Marie Neycensas (CMO and Partner Reservoir), “This partnership with DARGAUD, the publishing house of Blake and Mortimer, should continue with other creations, as the universe of Jacobs lends itself naturally to the one of RESERVOIR, knowing that no luxury watch brand had exploited so far ”.




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