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Accueil » Jumping hour, instantaneous movement

Take the leap into the unknown. Choose the right moment to put trust into precision and set a jumping hour to embrace adventure.

1830 – The French clockmaker Blondeau invents a never-before-seen clockmaking complication and a different way to read time. He then makes a watch for King Louis Phillippe 1st. After this royal design, the jumping hour appears in the 1920s on bracelet watches made by major manufacturers.

Watch face design moves forward with jumping-hour watches. The traditional hour hand disappears. The hour is now read in a small opening on the face called an aperture.

And what occurs behind the scenes? An ingenious mechanism is hidden in the casing. A disc, numbered from 1 to 12, turns abruptly on a notch every 60 minutes to instantly display the hour. It is a well-designed cog that manages time with precision.

To carry out this instantaneous movement while having a simple appearance, the clockmaking masters perform highly precise work. Over hours and days, they assemble more than one hundred parts. This long, meticulous work leads to the creation of exceptional watches.

A complication that showcases Swiss watchmaking mastery, the jumping hour is the prerogative of high-quality watchmaking. It is widely sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of well-designed timepieces that stand as genuine examples of timeless architecture.

It is only natural this watch movement types is a flagship complication in the RESERVOIR collections. With great insight it displays all of the modernity and elegance found in the three RESERVOIR worlds.

An automobile sports watch, the GT-Tour RESERVOIR model displays its jumping hour like an automobile odometer. Inspired by old race car odometers, this piece time still has a minute hand to show the precious minute count.

Marking the time, the jumping hour is seen as an instant of acceleration. Spontaneous and precise, it precedes the intensity of passionate movements and choices.

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