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Since ancient times, man has dived into the marine environment. To explore the seabed, he is over time equipped with diving accessories essential to his survival. This mysterious world stirs up his thirst for conquest and knowledge. It’s about diving, always and even more deeply. Initially, there were only few diving instruments: watches, manometers, depth gauges and decompression tables.

In 1925, was created in Paris the Fernez / Le Prieur diving suit, underwater diving equipment including a mano-pressure reducer and oxygen bottles. Over time, divers perfected their diving instruments and dreamed of challenging “the world of silence”.

blue dial diver watch hydrosphere


HYDROSPHERE diving watches inspired by the history of diving manometers


HYDROSPHERE collection embodies the story of these first modern divers whose survival was holding only on a manometer. The watch as a diving instrument has a paramount importance so as not to lose ground with reality and keep the notion of time passing. Each immersion is unique but constantly dictated by the laws of oxygen, pressure and time.

scuba diving watch hydrosphere blue hole

Faithful to the technical requirements of a diving watch, the 4 diving watches offer an original vision of these time masters. On the dial, there is a single hand and an indicator of operation at the base of the hand rotating to the rhythm of seconds. Therefore, a ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel with double graduation ensures a reading of the time of landing.

Whether on land or underwater, HYDROSPHERE carries precision, reliability and elegance of successful underwater excursions. Moreover, a helium escape valve device releases the helium particles trapped in the housing. It thus preserves its integrity during decompression. Emblem of the RESERVOIR soul, HYDROSPHERE scuba watches take on the 3 complications of the brand: the jumping hour, the retrograde minute and the power reserve.

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