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Omaha Beach. June 6th, 1944. Powerfully evocative, the Battlefield D-Day parachutes into the heart of the most spectular of D-Day Landings, code name "Operation Overlord." It celebrates the WWII all-terrain vehicle, a symbol of tenacity, durability and ingenuity.

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"The detail really shows a level of commitment to the design. Sam Kessler"
"Reservoir specialises in watches inspired by the dashboard gauges of cars and aircraft."
"And speaking of funky, eye-catching displays, the Reservoir Hydrosphere has the unusual look of old pressure gauges, the first survival instruments for divers."
"No genius required to spot the design parallels with old-school measuring instruments and links to cars, planes and boats (reservoir is French for fuel tank), but what you get to appreciate in each model is a diverting dial layout that bears little comparison to the competition."
"Reservoir is a motor sport-inspired company founded in 2015 and one of a growing cohort of young French luxury watch brands."